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Chad Kelly

Originally Posted by RhymesayersDU
I think you're right, to a point. The interview I posted has a lot of red flags. I personally didn't like the "why should I improve my game" part. But, I do cut him some slack because he came right out of high school and is immature, and I also think the Nuggets still got him for cheap, he's on a rookie contract, and he's better than the people we had... So we'll see how it works out.

Originally Posted by JR Smith
Yet Smith won't spend extra time in the gym over the summer, working on his long-range shot. He's going to continue to play his style - shooting from the outside when it's open and driving to the hoop when he can.

"This got me here," he said. "Why change it up now?"
Why change it? You are one of the rare cases of a 1st round draft pick getting traded TWICE for a bag of chips in less than a month. And he is only in his second season!

What is quite obvious from this kid is that he doesn't see himself as the problem.

But still it's a good gamble on the Nuggs part. They got him for nothing. Who knows how he is going to turn out.
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