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M. Salah

Originally Posted by GonzoLays
Oh, you can tell this kid has his priorities straight. 1) Get the shoe deal 2) Do it by any means neccessary.

This kid just sceams of uncoachable. He is probably quite the baller, but he has zero concept of "team." He b****ed out Byron Scott because he benched him; who cares that he was shooting 36% from the field at the time. How is JR Smith gonna get his shoe deal from the bench? No matter how terrible he is playing, or what his shooting percentage is, this kid really believes in his heart that he plays second fiddle to no one. He should be the center of the offense.
I think you're right, to a point. The interview I posted has a lot of red flags. I personally didn't like the "why should I improve my game" part. But, I do cut him some slack because he came right out of high school and is immature, and I also think the Nuggets still got him for cheap, he's on a rookie contract, and he's better than the people we had... So we'll see how it works out.
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