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Originally Posted by oubronco View Post
I don't care if he breaks any, as long as he wins the Superbowl I'll be happy as a hog covered in shyt
I don't care if he breaks any records. Winning the HFA and the games is what I care about , and I'm sure that's what PM is thinking too. Get TO the SB and win it.

With the weather getting cold and the need to have a good running game going in the playoffs, the pass game is going to be somewhat de-featured. On the other hand if the run game does get going, the PA pass game is going to work better and may result in easier pickings for the pass game too.

If NE keeps winning then we must also, and that will keep Manning in the games.
I expect NE to win this week. If they lose it likely will be against Miami in two, or Balt in three weeks, as they are away. Losing both would be ideal, but unlikely. But even if they lose to Miami we still need to win 3 as they can still tie ( and have the tie breaker) if we lose two.

So wins are all that matter. We cannot overlook anyone yet.

Tennessee ( dangerous D)
San Diego ( dangerous O)
Houston ( dangerous D and passable O)
Oakland ( better than expected ....hopefully will have HFA locked up)

There is one other thing...... 13-3 has been a jinx. The Broncos have lost every time they had HFA with that record in the first game.

So win out and go 14-2.
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