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Chris Harris

Originally Posted by Anubis View Post
I believe if UNC wins they own it. Next would be Vatech i think. But im not entirely clear on all that. But before Tech and UNC lost the other night it was UNC, Vtech, then UVA. So im only assuming that if UNC wins tomorrow they have it.
Well, that depends though Anubis.

Because of who they lost to.

If UNC owns the H2H over Virginia its moot, but if they split the H2H and VTech split the H2H with both UNC and Virginia, then it goes down to who lost against who in conference.

I dont know how the ACC is set up division wise.

But I can give you an example.

If KU had lost to Texas today, the tiebreaker would have went to Texas because of H2H win over KU and the better division record against A&M who they split their head to head with.

Conversely, since KU won, had A&M lost Texas would have ended up in 2nd instead of 3rd, again because of better division record (Texas' losses came against KU, K-State and OkSU, while A&M lost one more game than did Texas in the south).

So it MIGHT come down to who the losses were against, if they have divisions in the ACC like they do in the Big 12.
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