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Originally Posted by bombay View Post
The Dodgers have a lot of very talented players who just aren't getting the job done this season. It sucks when your entire team slumps at the same time, and doesn't reflect well on the manager.
All I know is Kemp should not be hitting 4th and Ethier shouldn't be hitting 5th.

Crawford .301
Punto .323
Kemp .266
Gonzalez .303
Ramirez .455 (limited at bats)
M. Ellis .311
Ethier .258
A.J. Ellis .271

When healthy that is what I would like to see. The only thing I would change now is move the 6,7, and 8 hitters up one to replace the injured Ramirez and put Gordon in the 8th spot. Maybe even take Ethier out of the line up and put Van Slyke in his spot all together.
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