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I agree with all those points. He was acquired for his + power and he can't hit worth piss. Sooner or later he will get optioned to AAA to get his swing back (if he can find it) and we will play Shoppach at C. Montero has no future as a catcher. He will have no future in baseball if he cannot hit. He would become the DH whenever Zunino gets called up, which is likely September.

I just cannot believe he got worse after a decent showing last year. Then again, that is the Mariners luck. Trade away Adam Jones for bum-armed Erik Bedard, crap the bed with Smoak, Ackley and Montero. Guiterrez always being an injured bum.

I see that we blew the game away in the 9th today and now it is extra innings against Cleveland because of an error on the pitcher. Wee!

70 wins here we come!
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