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Originally Posted by TheReverend View Post
Yeah, the read-option really died out in the pro-game with him...

Oh wait.

Yeah, just like your stupid take that Bill Belichick popularized the TE position as a receiving weapon, when there have been many instances of TE's who became big popular stars in the NFL over the course of decades prior to Hernandez and Gronkowski ever showing up in NE, like Ditka, Casper, Sharpe, Christensen, Newsome, Winslow, Gonzalez etc....

The option has been around for decades, and was used many times in the NFL prior to Tim Tebow arriving onto the scene....I'm not gonna even bring up the fact that our very own Norris Weese ran a few option plays whenever he played QB for us, or that our very own John Fox used an option offense using DeAngelo Williams basically setting up in a shallow shotgun formation and running in the Carolina Panthers final two games of 2006, hence the name "wildcat"....

Instead I'll just bring up the most recent examples of it being used more than once or twice a game prior to 2011.

[] 2004 Michael Vick ran it when he had Warrick Dunn and TJ Duckett on the Falcons who went 11-5 and ranked #1 in rushing yards losing the NFC title game...they also used it in 2006 and again led the NFL in rushing yards per game

[] 2008 the Miami Dolphins used the "wildcat" option and went 11-5, after going 1-15 the season prior.

[] 2009 the Titans Vince Young ran the option, and it helped Chris Johnson rush for over 2000 yards and they ranked 2nd in rushing yards

See the problem is you seem to forget that those of us who have been around a lot longer than you have witnessed things that you think are new or revolutionizing when all they are is a new twist to an old trick.

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