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Originally Posted by Missouribronc View Post
I've explained my opinion quite frankly and the only response I get is "you're an idiot" and "why can't he improve? His werk ethik si hte bestest!"
you listed his flaws and said "he cant overcome them" when asked why he cant, you listed his flaws again.

no one asked for a list, we asked why with coaching and hard work you believe he wouldnt improve. very different than being asked to list his flaws.

quite frankly, you dont even know why you feel this way. its a gut reaction and you cant put it in words. to some people that may be enough.

but here, in a forum, it is expected to not be. if we were having a beer we would probably get along.

but in the frame of a debate, you are roadkill.

therev is not my friend. but he lives for debate. it can be frustrating but he is the one playing by those rules. that is why I like him. he gets the point of it.

most of you run and hide and that is always going to make you lose.

you should try to man up, you may win. I have seen therev admit when he is wrong or someone made a good point.

you are getting schooled and you arwnt smart enough to even know. its sad.
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