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Originally Posted by Butterscotch Stallion View Post
well to he fair, most people side with a guy that can back up his opinion. the "thats how I feel" crowds usually end up fat cat women.

I hope you and missouri have a nice set of moomoos and grand kids that call because.this world is hard.for pussies who.not only can't explain why they have an opinion but cant see that their opinion is from a bias or butthurt.

I'm truly sorry you haters cant see what is so blatantly obvious. I am hopeful that.I will get to.continue kicking your ass for years though.

it really is fun. I am addicted to owning you.
I've explained my opinion quite frankly and the only response I get is "you're an idiot" and "why can't he improve? His werk ethik si hte bestest!"
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