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Okay.... In hockey mode now. Phillies won the championship. Broncos season is OVER. Time to focus on the Flyboys. The bad news is I am picking up where last season was. I had a hidious record in 25 regular season last season (8-14-3) and this year I am 0-2-1. Relax, I was 5-0 in the playoffs last season.
The D looks bad and the goalies have been just as bad. The 18 year old Sbisa has looked awesome and we need that (now and the future). Missing Randy Jones and ryan Parent has hurt the blue line. We have no cohesion on the back line and it has basically been guys trying to get used to each other with the loss of Jones and Parent. 4-4-3 is not a great start and I'm not thrilled with it but with our schedule out of the gate (ridiculously hard) and the injuries to Parent, Jones and Briere, 4-4-3 isn't the end of the world.
We should be fine for the stretch run and in position to get a middle to top seed in the playoffs.

LET'S GO FLYERS!!!!!!!!!

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