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Originally Posted by CEH View Post
Good show

I'd say if DT went down this offense with it's Oline issues would be a dink and dunk offense. Knowshown is a valuable cog but DT make this offense explosive. Id rather go with other RBs than without DT but that's just my opinion

In addition, the fallacy is that a Max protect line is the answer to help the protect Manning when it was confirmed by JDR and Gruden that the Max Protect gets the QB hit as much as a normal line call in fact Manning was injured in a max protect call that's why I think the Oline needs to chip more not Max protect
Yeah, I was listening to them on the drive in this morning and found that little tidbit interesting. But, it does make sense. Peyton likes to get rid of the ball quickly, and in a max protect with three receiving options against a six man zone, it is going to take longer for someone to get open.

I think the best way to keep Peyton upright are route combinations that include a heavy dose of quick slants, inside rubs, screens, and play action. Let the Tight Ends and running back chip on their way into their routes, but don't keep them in the pocket. I've seen just as many QBs hurt when they were rolled on by their own guy.

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