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Bradley Roby

No Way on earth Von goes anywhere unless he suddenly turns into Tyson Jackson the next couple of years!

And BTW, for you racing and Audi fans ... Audi just swept the second World Endurance Championship series at SPA Francochamps in Belgium with their three R-18 Etron Quattro hybrid race cars coming in 1st, 2nd and 3rd!!

They swept the first WEC race last month at Silverstone coming in 1st and 2nd with their two R-18s entered there, and next month, hopefully, will sweep the big one 24hrs at LeMans with the three R-18s they will enter there.

Audi is so consistently dominant now, it seems only a major mechanical malfunction or a crash is going to keep them from doing so. Only Toyota has a prayer to compete with them now and they are still a good lap behind in only the 6 hour SPA and have trouble keeping their Hybrid cars on the track. 24hrs is a long time and separates the men from the boys in speed, reliability and great pit crews.

Nice job Audi!

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