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Default I thought conservatives were against welfare...?

Funny how you never hear right-wingers object to these abuses of their hard-earned tax dollars...

Walmart’s parasitic business plan is becoming the new normal in America’s economy. For instance, “taxpayers are doling out nearly $900 million a year to supplement the wages of bank tellers, which amounts to a public subsidy for multibillion-dollar banks” (Washington Post, 12/3/13). As reported in Forbes Magazine (10/16/13), American fast-food companies have “outsourced a significant chunk of their labor costs to the taxpayer, with more than half of the industry’s 3.65 million low-wage workers on public assistance at a cost of $7 billion each year.”

Walmart, Waltons epitomize class war in America

I guess being a "conservative" nowadays means always being ready to kneel and bob on demand for the rich and shameless - even when it means compromising your own principles.
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