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Originally Posted by Lestat View Post
start Bennett at SF, play TT at PF and Andy comes off the bench.
not really complicated.
Except coach Brown has said a couple of times in summer ball that Bennett is going to learn PF first and foremost.

TT has been working on shooting the ball with his right hand instead of his left hand. For some reason he decided to learn with his wrong hand before That is pretty nuts to me. It maybe just for FT's though.

Y! Sources: Cleveland's considering an amnesty waiver bid to claim forward Mike Miller.

"Miller is close friends with Lebron James, and the Cavs are planning to make a run to resign him"
Brian Windhorst ✔ @WindhorstESPN

Cavs have delayed signing Andrew Bynum. Means they have still have cap space to bid for Mike Miller as Yahoo reported they're considering

He would be so much better then Gee or Miles off the bench. Also it is rumored to be another ploy to help get LBJ back to Cleveland.
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