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Chris Harris

Originally Posted by Nuggets4 View Post
I forgot that Wisconsin had lost 2 of 3, thought OSU was their only recent loss. That said, I still like them about where you have them as well. Not sure I agree with UCLA though. I'll fully admit that I haven't seen much of them this year, but I think last year's UCLA team was much better than this one.

I love Acie Law IV. REALLY wish I would have DVR'ed the game last night. Sounds like I missed a classic.
UCLA has the best record against top 25 teams in the nation. Seriously, they have faced teh best and won more than not. Way more than any other of the top tier teams. I dont know if they are as good as last year's squad, but I know that they are the best team in the nation right now.

ANd Im a huge KU homer.

Im not entirely sold on OSU. I think they have feasted on a crappy Big 10, much the same as UCLA has done in their crappy conference, the only difference is UCLA had a much better non-conference lineup and OSU feasted on fodder.

KU scares me in close games, but if ever they get Rush, Wright, Chalmers, Arthur and Collins all playing at a high level, no one can beat them. Games wont even be close. Problem is, it hasnt happened yet this year.

UNC is right now losing to a very mediocre GT team but I dont discount the toughness of conference foes, regardless of schedule(56-69 right now).

Wisconsin actually impressed me more in their loss to OSU than OSU did in their win. I only rank OSU so high because they are going to be ranked high in the tourney...above Wisconsin but I really thing Wisconsin is the better team.

Like most of the nation,Memphis looks pretty but Im mostly clueless about them. They had a great squad last year and their record indicates a good one this year to boot but I havent seen them play once. I have seen Texas, and A&M play and quite frankly whoever draws either team throughout the tourney is going to have their hands full. It could very well be that one or both make the Final Four, they are that good. A&M is a great defensive team (oddly enough though, KU Is better) and have the benefit of Law who is nothing short of ****ing spectacular.

I wasnt sold on Durant early, but Ive seen most of their games in the second half of the conference season and I can tell you he is golden. That and DJ Augustin make Texas a formidable foe but their biggest weakness will be experience and that may hurt them in the tourney.

Florida and NOrth Carolina are flailing right now and looking for a life preserver. Both virtual #1 seed locks, I dont think either deserve it right now.
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