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Rick Upchurch

CBSSports - Broncos vs. Chiefs (Pat Kirwan)

"Denver will take full advantage of their no-huddle offense, where the majority of their 400 snaps is employed. The Broncos have 31 touchdowns and average more than 6 yards per no-huddle play. The no-huddle at altitude is going to be an issue for the pass-rushing Chiefs as Peyton Manning puts his team at the line of scrimmage play after play and forces the Kansas City defenders to get in their stances and prepare to rush.

Defensive players need recovery time between plays and hate getting in their stance, especially guys with their hand on the ground. The Chiefs will not counter with their own version of a no-huddle because of the noise in Denver and they simply don't use it anyway. They only have 75 snaps of it all year, almost exclusively in a desperation two-minute mode."


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