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Originally Posted by TheChamp24 View Post
Sounds like 2013 is a definite no, but damn that much for a guy who sat out a whole year? That part is kinda weird to me. And we sure the kid is 27 after all the stuff thats come out before? haha
It's a 7 year contract so that is only 4.5 million per season. Really not that bad for his potential.

Looking at the 2nd base guys that are FA next year he is worth the risk. Utley is old and still will cost more and Cano is going to want a small fortune. Ben Zobrist is good but the Rays have a option on him for 7 million dollars. Also there are zero 2nd baSeimian in the farm system. So they Dodgers don't really have a choice here, even more so when Ellis is a FA as well.

You do this now and if he shows promise you save a ton on not paying a bigger name FA. JMO

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