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Neither am I, the liberal hypocrites. It was them that under Bush and the Patriot Act crapping their pants, telling any and everyone how innocent people would be targeted unfairly and illegally in their minds. Of course now that Obama is president, it isn't such a bad thing anymore. Now the IRS admits to targeting people for political reasons and it's ok. The hypocrisy has gotten to the point of such foolishness that even trying to debate any issue with a liberal is beyond a lost cause. If they will tell you 2 and 2 is 5 when it suits their politics, there is no reason to spend much time with them. They are dead set in their thinking and if they have to distort or as usual, apply their double standards so they can be "right", then they will and do every day, all day. This is why talk radio doesn't work for liberals since hearing what they say and do just makes them sound so incredibly stupid, even to other liberals.
Who is suddenly OK with the Patriot Act? The single largest expansion of government power and infringement of individual liberties in recent memory, that Patriot Act?
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