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Randy Gradishar

Originally Posted by broncocalijohn View Post
But he did buzz his hair after he left Otis for dead so he must have felt guilt...or he was ready to kick ass by all means necessary and was looking the part.
The latter sounds more likely to me... if he were feeling guilt, then logic would suggest that he would have wanted to make amends to Herschel's family (for killing Otis) instead of defying Herschel at every turn; from wanting the group to just take over the farm and all of its resources to going in and killing the zombies in the barn with full knowledge that Herschel considered them "still human; just ill". A man who feels guilty doesn't threaten others in the group (like Shane threatened Dale) or plan the murder of his best friend in order to resume an affair with his wife.

It seemed to me that Shane had gotten very good at rationalizing all of the reasons why it should be ok for him to just take whatever he wanted and kill anyone who stood in his way. His character flaws were not all that different from the Governor's... he just wasn't as deranged/mentally unhinged. Both men pretended to be "only doing it for the good of the group" when in reality, what they wanted was unquestioned, unchallenged power of leadership, up to and including the power to determine life or death for anyone who dared to stand up to them.
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