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DUDE, the Walking Dead this season has been a disappointment. I mean, any season will be better than season 2 ("let's just sit around in this ranch and talk about our feelings for 8 episodes").

My major gripe is that they have basically neutered any fear that the zombies instilled in you. Gone are the days when the zombies can jump out at any corner, the survivors are constantly on the run, and being trapped is a constant fear.

Now, they are holed up in a prison, with barbed wire and guard towers and machine guns. There is no real threat any more from the zombies. Yeah, the Governor is a bad dude. But enough already. Where is the plot line about finding a cure? Where is the plot line about the zombie threat increasing?

Something needs to change so that the zombies go back to being scary and there are fewer encounters with "new" human characters. Example ideas:

-Zombies have suddenly become harder to kill. Eg. blows to the head don't put them down
-Some zombies are showing higher level cognition i.e. can climb fences, break car windows, use makeshift weapons, etc.
-Some zombies are starting to hunt more in packs....maybe there are zombie leaders
-Some zombies are SUPER fast.
-Animal zombies....zombie bears and gorillas
-Rick's son becomes a zombie and he has to kill it
That could all change with 10,000 zombies wondering in from Atlanta and a hole in the fence. Anything can happen and I am sure it will.
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