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Thunder (RIP)

Originally Posted by Blueflame View Post
They talk about the just-aired episode (it's scheduled right after "The Walking Dead") with a few guests... and take questions from the live audience and also online from viewers. Then there's the "In Memoriam" segment where they show clips of every death... zombie or the living... that happened that week. Oh, and they choose a "Fan of the Week" that used the website to "Dead Yourself" (upload a photo and see what they'd look like as a zombie).

It's basically the same thing we're doing here; discussing the show and what we liked or didn't like about it.

Usually they have at least one of the actors and they provide a glimpse of what it's like filming the show... they have to be careful not to give any "spoilers". Sunday evening they had the actors who play Tyreece and Daryl.
I think the reason I keep watching the Walking Dead is because i desperately need to know what people see in it. I think its terribly written television that relies on overused themes and shock value. The characters are terrible, their decisions often implausible, and some of the writing has actually been insulting to the viewer (i always bring up Lori's decision to go into town (in s2, when she gets in the car wreck) to get Rick as the perfect example of this.

i know 12 million people watched the finale last Sunday, i just dont get the appeal. And you can explain it to me and i still won't get it
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