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Originally Posted by mhgaffney View Post
Brit keeps reminding why I had him on igggggy.
You keep saying that, yet here you are again......and again.

Go read some history, there's plenty of economic and social information about the impact of the Imperial railways in India.

I recommend you start with MIT's Professor Dave Donald's research from last year:

Railroads of the Raj:
Estimating the Impact of Transportation Infrastructure

Dave Donaldson
MIT Department of Economics and NBER
September 2012

How large are the benefi ts of transportation infrastructure projects, and what explains these benefi ts?

This paper uses archival data from colonial India to investigate the
impact of India's vast railroad network. Guided by four results from a general equilibrium trade model, I fi nd that railroads:
(1) decreased trade costs and interregional price gaps;
(2) increased interregional and international trade;
(3) increased real income levels; and
(4), that a sucient statistic for the e ffect of railroads on welfare in the model accounts for virtually all of the observed reduced-form impact of railroads
on real income in the data
I also recommend you read Jan Morris.
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