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Simon Fletcher

Originally Posted by mhgaffney View Post
Wrong. That's NOT what I said.

You clowns always put words in my mouth.

What I said was this (and I'll say it again): The Nazi reign was as described -- terrible -- certainly they were as bad as portrayed.

What has NOT been accurately stated or understood in the West is the terrible British legacy - - which lasted 300+ years -- and when you look at it -- was actually much worse than the damage done by the Nazis in just 12 years.

300+ years of colonialism was worse than 12 Nazi years.


Is there a report of how many deaths were attributed to the British colonizing countries? Are they getting knocks against them up to the our Revolution War with England? Also, what countries actually benefit from British "invasion". I would say nothing good came from Nazi invasion for any country. Goal of the Nazis was to eliminate the Jews. I don't think that was happening with British invasions. I am not making any excuses for all of what England did. We can just look at Opium problem with China.

12 years of Nazi occupation was only 12 years because of the Allies. Who can only imagine how bad it could have been if left untouched.
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