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You know, even though Pujols numbers have dipped to being an average 1B, his overall numbers are still staggering.
If he just keeps up a 150 hit, 25 homeruns, 25 doubles, 90 RBI and 80 runs scored pace for only 4 more seasons, he'll basically have 3,000 hits, 1700+ runs scored, 1850+ RBI's, 600 homeruns and 625 doubles. And at this point, he'll still have a couple more years available as he'll be 37/38.
Side note, I never knew ARod was so close to 2,000 RBI's.

Its going to be interesting what Cabrera's numbers will end up looking like. Since Pujols has slowed down, I think Cabrera in the end could surpass Pujols' staggering numbers now. That is, unless Cabrera somehow goes through a Pujols-esque funk at around 33 like he did.
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