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Originally Posted by broncocalijohn View Post
classic. It was a yawn because Puig wasnt there. Don't mind the facts that Trout and Harper were there, Triple Crown Winner Cabrera was there, stud pitchers from Detroit throwing it from the mound against NL studs not named Puig.

Seriously? Puig is Major League Baseball? Get the **** out of here!

While it wasn't a high scoring affair, you had no way of knowing this before the game. If you think it would have been different based on one player, you are delusional right now. He is exciting and brings thoughts of Fernandomania back in the day but boycotting the game based on him not making it (he wasn't on ballot and you Dodgers' fans had the opportunity to get him as the finalist). He had a second chance and it didn't happen based on the public.
Fact is, the National League scored zero runs and here you say Puig wouldn't have made a difference? GTFO.

The asg SUCKED hindtit. There wasn't one exciting moment in the game. Not one.
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