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Originally Posted by Taco John View Post
I completely disagree with that. I personally think Jamie Lannister has one of the best character arcs in the entire book when you consider his past, present, and what may be his future. It's especially wild to me how Martin manages to take him from a hated character and turn him into one that the reader can be sympathetic towards.

That said, I completely agree that Martin does a great job of writing female characters.
This. I remember reading the series and being utterly amazed by the fact that I was genuinely rooting for Jaime by the end of the third book. And its not a cheep redemption either. He really does earn every drop of sympathy from the reader throughout his arc. Considering the fact that our introduction to him is throwing a child out a window after being caught banging his sister.....well, that is just an impressive turn around.

I know some have complained about Sansa being boring, and in the beginning she kind of is. However, he story line starts to finally gain some steam around the 3rd book. Her problem is that for the first part of the series, she really isn't a very proactive character. She is a character that things happen to, and that does become tedious after a while. She will eventually take more initiative and thus be more interesting. For now, her scenes are just a long setup.
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