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Wow. We got jobbed last night Chad. Did you see the icing call with 14 seconds left in regulation? Richards took the puck from our end and lobbed it out to the neutral zone. The puck was slowly sliding down to the goalline with a Sabres player right behind it. The defenseman blatantly slowed down and Pat Dipuzzo (A focking embarassment to all Italians everywhere) calls icing. I thought the arena was gonna collapse when he made that call. Even John Stevens went ape chit!
Sure enough, the Sabres win the draw and score with 7 second left. Whatever. I guess it was an X-mas gift from that focking WOP Dipuzzo.
I won't even get into the 12 straight PP minutes the Sabres had in the 2nd period (including 3 straight 5 on 3's). Interestingly enough, the Flyers scored 2 SH goals in that time.

This team is a year or 2 away from being a real threat. It would be nice to get some playoff experience this season though. They are so freaking young.

Jeff Carter: 22
Gagne: 27
Lupol: 24
Hartnell: 25
Richards: 22
Tolpeko: 22
Upshall: 24
Umberger: 25
Coburn: 22
Kukkonen: 25
Randy Jones: 26

The core is so young yet has all the potential. I am starting to lean in the direction of trying to trade Hatcher and Knuble to free up some cap room. hatcher is due in the upper $3 million while Knuble is in the lower $3 million. I'd like to keep both but we aren't gonna be good enough to win anything significant this year or probably next year. Clear some space and get youth in return.
This team is a joy to watch but they can be so frustrating at times. Like the Broncos this season, i keep reminding myself how young they are and to be patient. The good times are close and the great times are not that much further.
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