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Originally Posted by Bronco Rob View Post
I've been to more chef games than you have...believe that and I worked out at the same Gold's gym as DT. He rented one of the clubs I was working at for his celebrity golf tournament after party also worked at the club where the Derrick Thomas & Neil Smith radio show was broadcast from. We went to the same nightclubs and knew the same people ran in same circles. So spare me fan boy...

The reason I brought up the seven sack game is because it encapsulates his entire career...alot of empty sacks with nothing to show for it. Now... answer the question..what happened on the last play of the game..

If dt played today he would be Tamba Hali with a hangover.

Nothing to show? He is a HOFer

You may get a few laughs, but little respect with football takes like that. Further, to demand I owe you an answer of some sort are delusions of granduer. If you want to post something about DTs it.

Ask Elway who was the best defender he ever faced. There you'll get your true answer. What you offer is empty cracks in grade school quality smack.

Have a gteat day. We will just have to disagree on this one.

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