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Originally Posted by Drunken.Broncoholic2 View Post
I don't remember run heavy at all. The percentages gutless posted doesn't reflect it either.

The last thing I want a ****ty offense to become is one dimensional. go down 2 scores is a recipe for disaster for one dimensional offenses. I think it's just more hype and talk than anything. What I expect to see is what the Ravens/Texans looked like with Kubiak. The run/pass ratios were pretty close.
Ok so maybe it is the end of games when we ran 3 downs then punted that skewed my memory.

Also running in predictable run situations as well.

So we were 17th at running the ball which shows great balance and 17th in rushes per game with 25.7 rushes per game. So we were a **** hair over perfect balance. Sure felt like we ran a lot more than that.

I don't expect Kubes would not want to steer away from a balanced attack next year. The big thing would be if we do start the Rookie he may go the Alice/Tebow one read and run ROUT (get it? ROUT ) which skews the Panthers rush numbers because Newton keeps the ball a lot and runs.
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