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Originally Posted by broncosteven View Post
We were run heavy last year too, maybe not at the start of the year but as Manning threw INT after INT and then got hurt and Oss took over we were a run 1st team.
Actually they weren't - Manning averaged 36.78 passing attempts per game. Osweiler 39.29. They had 302 passing attempts games 1-8 and 304 for games 9-16.

They passed 59.59% of the time last year
59.21% in 2014
59.68% in 2013
55.65% in 2012

in 2015 they had 441 rushing attempts for a 4.2 yard average.
2014- 443 attempts and 4.0 yard average.
2013- 461 attempts and 4.1 and yard average.
2012- 481 attempts and 3.8 and yard average.

So Kubes was no more run oriented than the "Manning" offense.

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