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Originally Posted by Jason in LA View Post
I wouldn't be surprised if fans from other teams were saying the same exact thing.
I seriously doubt that. At least not Chiefs and Pats fans. I watched that Broncos/Pats game again and it was surprisingly bias. You must have not paid attention to the commentary.

When Denver got those turnovers it wasn't our D "Taking away the ball" with hard hits which is was. It was Patriots spotting us points. Of course when the tables were turned it was something along the lines of "You just knew the Pats were not going to stand for this"

Really. We smash the ball out with a crushing blow and run it back and it's the Pats spotting us points. But CJ Anderson DROPS the ball in a QB/RB exchange and it's all because the pats were simply not going to take this any longeer.

This Crap went on all night long. Same with the Chiefs game.

I consider Collinsworth one of, if not THE best commentator in the business. Not only is he a likeable guy he's informative. That being said I'm now sick of his crap. As a Bronco's fan I'll be turning down the sound next time he does a Bronco game.
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