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Originally Posted by TheElusiveKyleOrton View Post
The reporter probably didn't go back and waste time watching old games because it would be a total waste of time. THIS IS AN ISSUE THAT QUITE SIMPLY DOES NOT MATTER. Who gives a **** whether the color commentator has it out for us, or is just not knowledgeable enough about the teams to make educated statements? Does it make any difference whatsoever to the final score?

Oh, it hurts someone's feelings that their team doesn't get the dap they need to be satisfied? Gimme a break.

Hochman is a very good reporter. He was probably handed this assignment from his editor (who needs to fill column inches) and he did some quick research and did a write up. If I know Hochman, he was probably working on a couple other stories at the time, one or two of which might actually matter.
I agree that it's an absolutely silly thing to even write an article about, but since he did (or was 'forced' to) might as well be competent about it. You even admit so in your last paragraph "and he did some quick research and did a write up". That's exactly what I said. He phoned it in.
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