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Originally Posted by misturanderson View Post
And it's not even close, next highest total is 19. The dude is running at 6.5 YPA too. Just crazy to see after how futile CSU's last decade has been for the most part with two minor blips in 2005 and 2008 where they at least became (barely) bowl eligible.

It's ridiculous that he isn't even on any Heisman watch lists despite accounting for more point production than AJ McCaron, who is on almost every watch list out there. I guess that comes with the MWC territory, but if he keeps up this ridiculous pace for his last 2 games, one would hope that the nation will take notice.

Plus he's only a sophomore. Here's to hoping for some national relevancy soon.
A guy playing in an extremely weak conference on a 6-5 team likely isn't going to be on the Heisman list.
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