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Originally Posted by GonzoLays View Post
Billy King's goal should have been to acquire cheap young talent that has potential but will still lose games, expiring contracts and draft picks.

Why should he have done that? Because if Philly continues at the pace they are playing, they will end up with the best chance to land the next big thing, Greg Oden. They were already going to suck this year, so why not suck big time with youth and the possibility of landing a franchise player?

Instead, King took back a good player and two late round picks. What a freaking idiot. I mean, a freaking idiot.

You're assuming the Nuggets are going to do anything.

That's precisely the wrong kind of team for Iverson.

Noone in that backcourt plays a lick of defense now.

Denver's pick will end up being higher than you think IMO.
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