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DT is making the strides one step at a time. I said this earlier this year when I was highly critical of his play. He was not doing the little things right and now he is doing way better at that. He is still not there, but his performances are getting better every game and his blocking is solid as hell too. Guy is going to be a complete WR and an elite target as well if he keeps this up.

Decker has also been money playing with Manning. Let's not forget that as well. Overall, the WR corp is getting better and more comfortable with the scheme, the no huddle, and the timing with Manning. Add in a real running game, one capable of taking over a game and making PA a real threat, and this offense is going to remain as lethal as it was last night.

Nothing like giving the defense the lead for once and watching what they can do going the other way. Just look at OAK and NO games when DEN got the lead early and stood on the gas. They simply put away teams on both sides of the ball. Going to be very good down the stretch with this formula.
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