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Originally Posted by SoCalBronco View Post
Actually, this presents a unique oppurtunity to weaken Russia and strengthen the US position. It's not really about Crimea, that actually was a part of Russia before they gifted it to Ukraine and they have a legitimate interest there as a warm water port. I don't care about the whole respect borders crap. Nor am I offended by Putins behavior. He's just protecting his interests and trying to expand to East Ukraine where all the resources are.

But Putins saber rattling presents an oppurtunity to pre emptively strangle a potential rival to death economically. Increase the sanctions to the extent that he turns off the gas to Europe in response. The US oil and energy boom which is expected to continue for decades presents a great chance to export it to Europe. We can make tons of money by replacing the Russian vacuum if that moron is stupid enough to turn off the gas. That's where his dollars come in. Go ahead and turn it off. Then we lift the export ban on gas and use it as an excuse to destroy all their oil/gas export income. That will destroy the ruble and Putins empire. He will be forced to beg China to buy oil and Bleed him dry and make his economy ****ing scream.

It is imperative to continue to hurt them economically...regardless of the pretext used. Russian demographics are awful and they have been trying to offer people economic incentives to have more kids. Well....when the ruble is crashing and the economy is dying, the population isn't going to have anymore kids that the parents can't feed with inflation skyrocketing cause their currency is ****. Then, any recent gains made in that population growth will be wiped away. Their markets have already been affected by the little we have done so far.

This "crisis" presents a tremendous oppurtunity to bury them under the guise of protecting an innocent country. More economic sanctions please.....and rub it in his face too PR wise to provoke a gas turnoff.
As usual -- you are not paying attention. The US and Europe will be the main losers of sanctions against Russia.

Putin will simply increase gas sales to China.

How long do you think it would take the US to take up the slack? A year?

Germany will be in a world of trouble. In fact, it's surprising that Merkel has not stepped in to end this crisis. Surely she knows that it's in German's interest to move closer to Russia.

The memories of WW II are probably the biggest obstacle to this - but it needs to happen.

So what is deterring Merkel? Blackmail maybe? Do you think the NSA caught her doing something illegal -- or naughty in the bedroom?

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