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Originally Posted by BroncosfanGuy View Post
congrats on staying competitive with the league's highest payroll
That's a lazy argument. But also a predicatable one.

First, the Yankees payroll is overstated because they pay a Yankee/NYC "tax". In other words, they have to pay more because they're the New York Yankees.

Second, that number is skewed by contracts like that of Vernon Wells. It shows he's making $25 million but that number doesn't look right (see here for example) and, to the extent it is correct, the Yankees are paying only a portion of that because the Angels are picking up a large portion of what he's owed. It also includes $10 million in dead money for A.J. Burnett and Rafael Soriano.

Third, a huge portion of their payroll hasn't played yet this year. From your link over $84 million (that's over 37%!) of their payroll is owed to players who haven't yet played. Add Kevin Youkilis, who is currently out, and you get over $96 million (over 42%!).

If you don't think what the Yankees have accomplished with the garbage lineup they put out there is notable then you clearly don't follow MLB very closely. They're missing 6 of their regulars from last season, and probably 4 of their 5 best players, and somehow have the 2nd best record in baseball.

But, haters gonna hate.
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