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M. Salah

Well, good to know my New Year's Eve tickets are now worthless. Not to say I only go to games to see Melo, but without him we're ****ed. Especially against the Mavs.

Anyways, to chime in... I didn't read the thread, but what a ****ty situation. Knicks started it, Nuggets finished it, suspensions all around.

Melo didn't sucker punch the guy. Melo may have run away instantly, but a sucker punch it wasn't. You can even see Carmelo turn his head and say "WHAT?" before punching him... Meaning the guy must have said something ****ty. But you'd hope your superstar player would be smart enough to not throw a punch.

Good to know the Knicks instantly admitted to trying to start a fight on purpose by saying the flagrant was a called play. Isiah is a trip.

Karl shouldn't have had the guys in though. The Knicks were correct on that point.

And from a personal accolades point of view, I'm going to feel sorry if this stops Melo from making the All-Star Team, which it very well may.

Poor Nuggets.
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