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Originally Posted by ApaOps5 View Post
I was listening to fan 950 this morning and they speculated that Stan Kronke might just say F it and bust the cap and take a hit in luxury tax. He always says the Nuggets are his pride and joy and wants to win. With the merchandise and tickets that AI coming would bring on top of Melo that could diflect the hit. Maybe he is just saying I don't care if we keep Nene get this mofo here!
It will be an interesting thing to follow, the business side of the NBA. There was an article in the Post last week about the Nuggets' attendance was low this year. The article speculated that it was because of the ticket increase (23%, if I remember correctly) but also mentioned the fact that no great teams have come to Denver yet. (The only team even remotely good at the time of the article was Minnesota, and even now the only other interesting team to come through is the Heat with DWade)

But as I stated earlier in this thread, the other night on SportsCenter they mentioned that the 76ers only drew 11K fans the other night, the lowest in a long time... So needless to say, AI puts asses in the seats... And if the Nuggs can go on a run, man Pepsi could potentially be rocking this year.

There will be a lot of revenue to be made off AI, especially if both him and Melo represent the Nuggets in Vegas this year.
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