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Originally Posted by Cito Pelon View Post

The Bears have seen a blitz before, right?

Mike Martz told the truth: The Bears pulled quarterback Jay Cutler after only eight plays of their exhibition opener because the Chargers were blitzing. Since when can you tell the truth in Lovieland, the happiest place on Earth?

Moving right along, one thing I can’t understand is how players can work rigorously year-round to stay in shape, how teams can stage a series of mini-camps and offseason team activities that are mandatory despite the voluntary label, and everybody on the roster has played a lot of football, but yet, the idea of a blitz in an exhibition game becomes so scary and shocking that the star quarterback must be removed until the terror level is reduced to blue.

If there is hard talk of a two-game preseason, then part of the plan presumes a preparedness for all things football. That includes picking up the blitz.

Thing is, Cutler completed his two passes against blitzes. But then he got sacked on one play and ran out of bounds, and that was it.

Maybe it’s a question of the Bears practicing against the blitz during training camp. Practicing effectively, I should say.

Said Martz: “We're still kind of putting things in so when they are pressuring as much as they were in a preseason game, which is fine, everybody does that so it doesn't make any difference.’’

But apparently, it did make a difference, even though, again, we’re not talking about some newfangled football tactic. The Bears have seen this before, and maybe I’m wrong, but the blitz is also something they should’ve expected to see from the Chargers. The Chargers play a 3-4 defense. Blitzing is what that defense does. Did the Bears think the Chargers would count to three Mississippi before rushing the passer?

The bad news is, the Bears new offense didn't get the snaps it had hoped for. The good news is, Cutler is able to take snaps in this week’s game, something backup Caleb Hanie can’t say. I’m not sure if that validates the Bears’ in-game decision or indicts their offseason and preseason approach.
That's not a good sign. Martz's system is very complicated. They're going to have a lot of growing pains this year.
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