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Originally Posted by broncocalijohn View Post
24, If AEG keeps spreading their company all around, you can guarantee that they wont give a rat's A$$ about getting the Kings to the level that the Ducks are on. You are going to continue to be like what the Disney Clan thought of their Ducks team.
Alright, so I am going to revisit this post and break it down for you about AEG and mangement, John. Yes AEG is a real estate company and they are always looking for assets to acquire. They operate all over the world, including the Arena the O2 in London that the Kings and Ducks will open the season at.

Now the jury is still out on AEG and I feel the BIGGEST mistake they made was letting Tim Lewieke be in charge of the Kings. Dave Taylor had to seek approval for trades, signings etc from Lewieke who really has no hockey sense. I am almost positive that most in this thread know more about hockey than Mr. Lewieke. Now before AEG came along we had serious problems with Ownership and while McNall was and still is a crooked SOB, he was the only one that actually cared about fielding a championship team. Now bag on McNall all you want, but actually if it weren't for McNall the Ducks would not be in Anaheim period and would not be hoisting the Cup last night. So thank the Kings for letting you guys set up shop down the I-5. I hope you Duck fans Appreciate what the Cup means, even though I doubt 99% of Duck fans know what it stands for.

Back to AEG, they bought the Kings and while in the process of buying the team, they acquire land in Downtown LA and built what is now the Staples Center and also built the state of the art practice facility now called the Toyota Sports Center in 2000 which has two NHL size rinks at the facility. Not only did they completely build new arenas and facilities for the Kings, they went out and bought minor league teams. First being the Manchester Monarchs and second the Reading Royals. They pumped in a lot of money in this organization and I am not sure who else would have done the same.

Then last year the Kings fired Dave Taylor and hired Dean Lombardi. Tim Lewieke is not in charge anymore, thank god. Dean has full control over the organization. Dean actually interviewed everyone in the organization (including the equipment manager etc) and wanted to find out just what the hell made this Kings team fall from the top of the Western Conference in the middle of last season to not making the playoffs. So now Dean canned a lot of people and brought in people that would fit in with his philosophy, and he is still working on that to this day mainly with the scouts in Europe and the whole idea is to be 100% ready by the 2008 draft.

They are prepared for this coming draft, but Dean has stated that the scouting dept. isn't where he wants it to be yet. So Dean is all about acquiring assets and building for the future, which explains his moves. Now I know Cloutier and Blake's contract were pathetic but not every GM is perfect. After evaluating the roster and deciding that it isn't going to compete for a championship, Dean went out and got a first round pick (Trevor Lewis), top prospect in Patrick Sullivan, Generational talent in Jack MF Johnson, a born leader in Marc Andre-Cliche, and a gigantic pile of draft picks for the next 2 coming drafts. All those moves have made the Kings the NUMBER ONE organization in the HF organizational rankings. Never mind that our top 3 points leaders are under 25( Kopitar 19 years of age, Cammy is 24, Frolov is 24. Dustin Brown is another good solid player who is 23. How many teams do you know that have that much young talent? Penguins? Not to mention we have the number four pick in this draft. Here is the total number of picks in these two upcoming drafts (note: Dean is gearing up for the 2008 draft, considered to be a very deep draft.)


1: LA
2: acquired from Vancouver for Sopel (LA's choice 2007 or 2008)
2: acquired from Dallas in the Norstrom/Push trade
3: acquired from Dallas in the Norstrom/Push trade
4: acquired from Calgary for Conroy
5: acquired from Tampa Bay for Ward
5: LA
6: LA
7: LA
7: acquired from Columbus during the 2006 draft

2007 summary

1 1st
2 2nds (possible)
1 3rd
1 4th
2 5ths
1 6th
2 7ths


1: LA
1: acquired from Dallas in the Norstrom/Push trade
2: LA
2: acquired from Vancouver for Sexy Sopel (LA's choice 2007 or 2008)
2: acquired from Calgary for Conroy
3: LA
4: LA
4: acquired from Tampa Bay for Munce
4: acquired from Vancouver for Sexy Sopel
5: LA
6: LA
7: LA

2008 summary

2 1sts
3 2nds (possible)
1 3rd
3 4ths
1 5th (Possibly given up for Heward. Conditions unknown)
1 6th
1 7th
I haven't even gotten to the Kings Cap situation, which is great and should be fine to resign Kopitar, JMFJ etc in the future. Now looking at the Ducks and from what I hear you guys should brace for some retirements. Selanne was weeping like it was his last game and he is 37, Pronger and Neidermayer have a few seasons left, depending on whether Scott is going to retire or not. I know some of you are like what? Check this out-

Two hours after the game, the Niedermayer brothers still in full uniform appeared with their families and sat on the bench to soak in the moment. After a while, Scott and his wife went out to center ice for a private moment. There have been whispers that Niedermayer might consider retirement, and the way he was capturing that moment with his wife really gave me reason to think about that.
Now, I don't expect the Ducks to sink into mediocrity next season, they'll still be good. But 2-3 seasons down the line when we're looking much stronger, I doubt the path will look as rosey for the Ducks at that time. It's gonna be hard for them to retain all of their top players unless they all sign for the minimum and refuse to test the market. Giguere, Neidermeyer, Pronger, Getzlaf, Perry, Selanne. That's a good amount of great players that are earning their pay raises as we speak.

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