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Phillip Lindsay

Originally Posted by Meck77 View Post
You are much much smarter than this. Look at the real issue Ro. It's not obamacare. That's just a symptom. The cancer/debt is our problem.
I think you have to take in the whole context. Reagan cut tax rates for the rich by 50%. That trend has continued since then including huge cuts for corporations. That was part one for the neocon revolution. Clinton got an economic free ride due to the tech and housing explosion, but continued with the Reagan/Bush tax policy. Bush II then squandered the Clinton surplus with a trillion dollar, unfunded war. Meanwhile, Wall Street and the Banks were deregulated and turned capitalism into a casino. So, the rich have been on the gravy train for thirty years, and still are, raking in 95% of the profit from the recovery over the last year. The middle class has carried the load while their wages have stagnated. Then the crash of the casino and the burst of the housing bubble took down the middle class. Government kept spending, but was unable to raise taxes due to the radical tea party cabal in Congress. Instead, they engaged in creative accounting.

We have to do what California is doing to get out of their mess. Raise taxes, cut spending. The current crop of uber-wealthy in America are the richest people who have ever lived. Meanwhile, our country is collapsing. What does that tell you?

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