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FYI, posted this in the original thread...

Awesome idea!!! We are hiring like crazy lately and I would love to help a fellow Bronco fan and Maner get a great position with long lasting security!

In particular I would be looking to help folks with the following skillset/training:

Contract Administration

Engineering (General, Industrial, Mechanical, Electrical, Electronic/Avionics, Propulsion, Aerospace, and Software)

Quality Assurance/Quality Engineering/Product Assurance

If you have skills that are even close, get in touch with me. I received an email today that stated some of the upcoming events regarding meeting our agency's vision. One of the things that stood out was the following:

First, let me tell you where we stand on Human Capital. Our need to hire qualified and fully capable personnel over the next few years will be significant. Everyone in the Agency will be needed to ensure we execute a human capital strategy that works. Our Human Resources (HR) folks are working very hard with the Office of Personnel Management and a professional HR contractor to get our recruiting and hiring strategies in place to deliver human capital results based on a full understanding of the Agency's short and long-term needs...

So, I have an opportunity to help both a fellow Maner and my agency if skill sets match. And, while I am in the Denver location myself, my agency has personnel all over the nation and overseas as well. If your skillset matches up with our needs, and you're not some bum (Bob need not apply! ) I feel confident we have a position for you! Another excellent source for information would be our very own Miss Independent. Her schedule is packed right now, but I would imagine she would help a fellow Maner if she felt you could help our agency in return. Hope you don't mind me name dropping, G.

Students!!! If you are close to gradumatating or have recently graduated and are looking for employment, chances are we have something for you as well. If you are a Culinary Arts major we may not have anything for you... but Miss Independent is pretty creative so anything is possible! Seriously, there are a series of openings available right now. I've heard our agency is interested in hiring several hundred/thousand people in the next few years. That number is out of date and has probably changed in recent weeks/months, but I would guess the number has increased, if anything.

Once again, GREAT THREAD and I wish all of you the best of luck in finding employment or keeping your current position if that is your wish.

Good Luck!
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