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Originally Posted by Broncos_OTM View Post
To be honest, I agree for the most part. I personally think its better then drinking. However, the attitude of some that "show me evidence that nothing bad comes from the use of it" is ridiculous. If we could trust people to not use in situations where it shouldn't be. sweet lets all eat a pot brownie. It's just not the case though. And until we can determine if people are high or not at work I am all for it being a banned substance and a employment terminator. Maybe you should be challenging people to be held accountable and trust worthy. Because its the turds that ruined it for you all.
Weed was never made illegal because of dangerous properties. Its due to politics and race, mostly. Check out the history of it, it's interesting. Obviously someone under the influence might not be all there, but considering both alcohol and many prescription drugs (and over the counter drugs come to think of it) can put you in worse shape, it's absurd that it's not legal. As for how the government can benefit from it, tax $$$. Unfortunately the prison industrial complex probably likes it just fine.
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