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Originally Posted by baja View Post
I took issue with the attitude of "Thems de rules sos shut up and obey them".

I side with those that question authority and negotiate the best deal they can to improve their situation or standard of living.

When it comes to the marijuana ban by the NFL it is my opinion the objection has been outlived and the ban should be dropped. What good does it do anyway. Banning draws more attention to the issue than a non ban ever would.

Oh and where did I endorse drinking on the job or taking drugs

My take was (and is) the substance ban on marijuana is silly.
To be honest, I agree for the most part. I personally think its better then drinking. However, the attitude of some that "show me evidence that nothing bad comes from the use of it" is ridiculous. If we could trust people to not use in situations where it shouldn't be. sweet lets all eat a pot brownie. It's just not the case though. And until we can determine if people are high or not at work I am all for it being a banned substance and a employment terminator. Maybe you should be challenging people to be held accountable and trust worthy. Because its the turds that ruined it for you all.
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