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Originally Posted by mennonite View Post
Let's say Stokely filed his retirement papers and got a job as a wr's coach or something - would he be able to play again if someone offered him a contract later on?
If he was coaching for the team who wanted to sign him to play, he could do both. Player coaches were very common many decades ago in the NFL. Of course if he was offered to play for another team, he would have to choose.

Originally Posted by Lestat View Post
Peyton also has a severely jacked up neck. Playing through injuries doesn't mean you don't get hurt.
With regards to my comment, this post is almost worthless.

1. You're wrong. His neck is fine. The area that received treatment is stronger than a normal vertebrae.
2. Even if he did, how many other QB's have had the kind of injury that Manning had? I don't know of any.
3. Are you seriously trying to argue that a running QB and a pocket passer are equally at risk of injury? That just isn't true.
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