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Originally Posted by sirhcyennek81 View Post
My vote, dear friends is still TBD. PM me with your best offers. We'll see what happens, yes?

Originally Posted by Conklin View Post
my vote is for sale...just send me an offer and who to vote for and when the results are announced, you'll see if I accepted at which point you must complete your end of the offer...
acceptable offers include but are not limited to:
sexual favors (men only, I turn into a homosexual during survivor)
money (no peso's...sorry baja but your money is no good up here)
future votes (yes, I'll give you this one vote if you give me two or more votes of a future round(s)
multiple personailty disorder medications (last year I went crazy and any and all medications to prevent this is welcome)
anything else that could be of value to me!
that's two votes for sale!
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