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Phillip Lindsay

Originally Posted by Meck77 View Post
So I'm at gym in Denver today. There are half dozen dudes in there playing coach about what went wrong in the game, what we should have done, what we could have done. I listened for about 5 minutes until one guy said "Well I'm glad I didn't go it was so cold". The other's agreed. I finally had to chime in.

I said "So let me get this straight. You guys have all the answers and are these big fans and none of you went to the game and are glad you didn't because it was cold and we lost?" The room went silent and I walked out.

I've read enough from people of how much pain they are in and how this team failed them. If the game really meant that much to your ass you would have been there in the freezing weather and you'd be out a few hundred bucks or thousand bucks. That's some pain and it's not even real pain. Sitting on the couch drinking your warm hot chocolate with your snuggie on with the remote in your hand isn't the slightest bit of inconvenience when that field goal went in.

Save all your analysis and expert advice. Elway said it best on the radio. "You have to play well in the playoffs. We didn't play well the other day.

Yes the fan police has spoken. If you went. Go ahead and complain. If you never got off your damn couch then perhaps consider STFU! Mock that for you!

If you live a couple thousand miles away I'll cut you some slack. If you are local and didn't go then I offer even less sympathy. Oh and don't use the excuse tickets were too much. They were face value when it was all said and done. Thousands of tickets for sale. People even asking less than face value minutes before the game.

Look we are all disappointed. You didn't have to go to feel the disappointment but please spare us this idea of how much pain you are in.

End Rant
It's always the same rant. It must be difficult to live with such perfection.
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