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sure, but plenty of autistic people never develop an urge to go shoot-up an elementary school. what else is at play?
Well, we will never know since the mom and guy is dead. With his type of condition, the mom could have easily said, "I need to go to work, it's more important" and in his head he could have heard "The elementary school is more important than me." And he could have just ran with that. This is just an example, not a speculation... what it really boils down to the responsibility of the parent.

But it's difficult to blame this single parent because there are so many irresponsible parents across the nation, or even world. It's not something that you can easily just say parents need to be more responsible...this isn't the case here either.

I don't know what the solution could be, I'm not in politics or a specialist in this field. I do know this is a case of mental illness, not a case of criminal use of guns.
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