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Originally Posted by BroncoBeavis View Post
From his own personal perspective, you may be right. It might be what he feels he needs to do. And for him, that's fine.

But if I'm a GM, my guess is I might prefer a guy who answered honestly if asked, but didn't have any appearance of wanting any poster-child status. "Yes, I'm gay. But I consider that a private matter."
I don't see it as him wanting to be a "poster child" for anything. But I also don't think he feels the need to hide who he is or be ashamed of who he is. There's a lot to respect in that, IMO.

Hopefully, anyone else who comes out of the closet will be greeted with a "meh. So?" The kid can play ball; that should be the only consideration.

As for the GM who would rather ask and get the honest answer, first, I'm not sure how you cross that subject without crossing several lines of an employee/employer relationship, and second, if the GM suspects and the player answers "no," is the GM so strong in his suspicion that he thinks the player is lying?
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